My name is Mary Ellen MacIntyre. I am a former journalist, the youngest of 10 children, a mother of two and grandmother of one.

Exciting, huh?

I hate this. I hate having to write about myself, which is what I’m supposed to do in this ABOUT section. My history, jobs, family, cats and dogs - I hate it.

Wait, no, I guess I don’t. That’s what this site is all about. Sort of.

When I write stories about my sister saving me from a farting bully, it’s fun. I don’t hate it. It’s great fun to remember good times, to pretend we understood our world as children or, God forbid, teenagers.

It’s wonderful to honour the good people I’ve known. The bad people can stay in the past. At least until I summon them forward for a story. Heh.

For those who really want the details – here you go: 

I was born and raised in Cape Breton although right now I live on the mainland. At least my physical body is here. My heart is most assuredly in Cape Breton.

I am the youngest of 10 children. Enough said – for now.

Back in the 1990’s I gave birth to two little dolls who are now young ladies. As well, there is a grandson who is my best little brown-eyed buddy. They are the three glorious lights in my life. Two cantankerous cats and one beautiful little dog throw the shade.

I spent many years as a journalist in Nova Scotia - probably too many - and covered a lot of murders, suicides, business, entertainment, political intrigues and boring council meetings.

Reporters – those miserable souls who write news copy, striving to get the full and complete story, both sides, objectively and impartially – can never include their own opinions.

Glad those days are behind me.

In addition to the stories, I have a little blog on this site where I’ll be able to express as many opinions as I want. 

As well, I am writing a book about Clayton Miller. The New Waterford teenager was found dead two days after a police raid at an outdoor party. It’s a strange, strange story that continues to unravel close to 30 years after his death.

His parents, Maureen and Gervase Miller, are counting on me to tell his story. I hope to do so in a fair, honest and thoroughly researched manner. They deserve no less.

One last note – my daughter, Eliza, created the artwork for this site. She is brilliant.

about the name

Innis Bheag means little island. Innis can also be a boy or girl’s name but for me, the wonderful Gaelic words refer to Cape Breton Island and all I love about that special place.